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Wondering how to transform a cheap bottle of wine into something more palatable? This quick trick is #GoodToKnow.

12:01 am Feb. 6, 2015

Hey Socialites!

I love me some wine. Also, I love clothes, making rent AND supporting charities I believe in so my wine budget is… limited. No worries though, I learned of this quick trick and I am now a FAN.

On a personal note: this is totes a legit excuse reason to upgrade my blender to a Vitamix yes? That makes sense right?

Try it out and let me know what you think.

This SWEET trick to frost your cupcakes (beautifully!) is #GoodToKnow

12:01 am Jan. 16, 2015

Hey Socialites!

If you know me you already know my cupcake philosophy: The cupcake exists to support and complement the frosting (because eating frosting by the spoonful doesn’t have the right mouthfeel). That said, I’m always so sad when otherwise overachieving and well-meaning friends serve cupcakes that have just the tiniest dusting of frosting.

Put ye butter knives away people!

Heather McClure, Owner and Head Baker of

Gift Giving Guide Part 2 of 2: EASIEST LAST MINUTE GIFT EVER

6:00 am Dec. 19, 2014

Anyone else getting a weeee bit anxious about all of the holiday parties, gifts to be (acquired and then) gifted and what not? Chillax Socialites, I’ve got you covered!

My old boss gifted this (see video) gem to me for Christmas 2012. At first sight I loved it (why hello red wine) but when I took as second and went through all of the gift cards (she LOADED IT UP) I

Gift Giving Guide part 1 of 2: LADIES LOVE LINGERIE.

12:00 am Dec. 16, 2014

Flowers die but lingerie… lingers on! It’s that rare gift that is fun for everyone. When gifted properly, it makes the recipient feel adored, pampered and generally LOVELY. Just one catch… you’ll want to get