Gift Giving Guide part 1 of 2: LADIES LOVE LINGERIE.

Flowers die but lingerie… lingers on! It’s that rare gift that is fun for everyone. When gifted properly, it makes the recipient feel adored, pampered and generally LOVELY. Just one catch… you’ll want to get it right.

I’ve worked at Victoria’s Secret (before PINK #oldschool) and Nordstrom’s lingerie section so I’ve got you covered in three EASY steps. You’re welcome people!

1. First of all, SIZING. Asking for her sizes = hot. Snooping for her sizes = even hotter. If you’re snooping BEWARE of the red heron, i.e. beautiful something you find shoved in a drawer that she doesn’t actually wear cause it doesn’t actually fit. Be sure to take a size note from something you have actually and RECENTLY seen her wear.

2. Next up, get your shop on! Here’s what’s what:

La Perla = you’re rich and she’s skinny with petite and/or expensive boobs. They sell C sizing but they’re kidding. Unless your lady’s Cs were purchased… it’s a no.

Agent Provocateur = you’re rich and she’s skinny but also has  “personality” (read boobs). = you’re not cheap, and loathe lace. She’s either a straight up badass or a breezy innocent type… who is also totes edgy. If she’s the former order in black or red. If she’s the latter you must order in white (trust me on this) and be prepared to endure a side eye… at first. Straight from NYC. Available online only.

The BodyBinds Diamond Monokini, $220. Ummm... YES please.
The BodyBinds Diamond Monokini, $220. Ummm… YES please. = the best one stop shop for fuller figured ladies. i.e. Curves, and Strong Personality. They have everything. Shop here.

Victoria’s Secret = you’re young and/or terrified of shopping for lingerie. She’s either your mistress, a Millennial or totally new to you. SAVING GRACE: Vicky’s has an excellent return/exchange policy for unworn tagged merchandise and lots of options (nighties! lingerie! lotions! potions!)  so you literally can’t go wrong. Multiple locations here in Austin.

Fredrick’s of Hollywood = you like your lady in color and more than a little bit wild. She’s all about that as well. I’ll admit, I’ve turned my nose up to this place for years but during a recent shop I was seriously surprised and impressed. Shop online or at Barton Creek Square.

LOCAL AUSTIN LINGERIE shops that will help you throughout the process:

Teddies for Bettys: Upscale offerings for the downtown girl. Located on 2nd street. Absolutely has something for everyone. Website.

Hard Candy is a personal favorite as they offer all sorts of playful options (nighties! fishnet! tutus!), six inch heels included. They don’t sell any adult toys so it’s an inviting, interesting but not too intimidating scene on Anderson Lane. Website.

Petticoat Fair has a fanatical following for great reasons. PF has spent fifty years outfitting local ladies of absolutely every shape and size with the right undergarments. If they don’t have it they can and will custom create it. This place is key if your lady has more traditional tastes and/or less traditional sizing. Their website is here.

3.  PRESENTATION! If you’ve shopped locally have it gift wrapped on site before you leave the store (even Nordstrom does this). If you ordered online and are wrapping it yourself either pay for proper wrapping or beg a friend to help you. Because seriously… would you rather open this…


Or this?


Or this one?



If you must must must decorate your own wrapping check out these creative DIY options out here. 

Happy Gifting y’all!

— Serena

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