3 Things you MUST do to become Totally Austin! #GoodToKnow sponsored by Monica Pizanie of Platinum Realty

Hi friends! This #GoodToKnow episode is brought to you by Monica Pizanie of Platinum Realty in Austin. She can help most anyone buy a home here in Austin but she specializes in finding exactly the right living space for people who are new to or moving to Austin. Monica actually helped me find a place when I moved back to Austin a few years ago so I tell you from experience; she transforms the home-search-scenario from stressful to exciting in the good way.

Here are three things you simply Must Do to become totally Austin, per Monica:

1. BREAKFAST TACOS! There are a dozen amazing places to score breakfast tacos in Austin but if you’re pressed for time, hit up Torchy’s and Tacodeli to decide which you prefer. It’s a Coke vs. Pepsi kind of thing; you pick a team and judge other people accordingly. Both Monica and I are die hard Torchy’s Taco fans/fanatics. Monica says: You’ve got to order the street corn. And queso. And tacos too. Best to arrive hungry. I say: check out their secret menu before you go and always check out their Taco of the Month. Their December taco involves Chorizo and Shrimp. #whatWHAAA

2. TOWN LAKE which is now being called LADY BIRD LAKE. With 10 miles of trails perfect for walking, jogging, hiking, biking or just people watching, it’s a Must See (and Do!) experience. Plus, there’s the actual lake which is perfect for canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and rowing. Monica brings her dog Chewie for long walks. I take myself for the occasional jog. Do what feels right.

3. SOUTH CONGRESS, aka SoCo. SO. MUCH. YES. to be found here folks! You can shop local boutiques (Monica and I both love Maya!), eat at Snack Bar (Monica can often be found brunching there) get some sugar at Amy’s Ice Creams and/or take the practically-mandatory-proof-of-Austin-visit-pic in front of Jo’s wall.

Monica and I in front of Jo's iconic wall. #ATX4Life
Monica Pizanie of Platinum Realty and I in front of Jo’s iconic wall. #ATX4Life


You can spend many merry weeks working your way through the breakfast taco menus, the Lady Bird Lake exercise options (and views!) and exploring SoCo… but I’ve found it’s best to take your time with it all. Living here is ideal (I know, I know, the secret is out) so for those who already do: Congrats. For those who are just visiting: Sure! Good luck with that. We’ll see you soon.

And if you’re looking to make Austin your home, give Monica a call.

— Serena
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