Keep your vocabulary on fleek with this… #GoodToKnow

This episode of #GoodToKnow is brought to you by my new favorite saying; On fleek.

 It started on Instagram when a friend from NYC commented that my brow game was “on fleek”. It matters that she works for Shobha which is where everyone (read: fashion editors, celebs, housewives, anyone with a job ok everyone) goes for meticulous brow grooming and such.  Soooooo. Seeing how I’m doing my own brows now, and not nearly as well as Shashi from Shobha used to do them, I worried. Did she just insult me and my DIY-brows? Were we gonna have to break up as friends? I asked… and she explained the good news. To be on fleek means to be on point, i.e. the game is strong. SWEET.

how it all started... on Instagram

Also, turns out that having my #browsonfleek is an especially good thing that isn’t entirely new. Gotta love learning from Instagram!

Next up, I was talking about boys (this happens a lot) and I heard the term Lumbersexual. Wait. WHAT?! Mmmmhmmm.

As you hear in the video, I’m ready to talk more about Retrosexuals please and thank you. Chat me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your thoughts on the matter. Be sure to tag #StatesmanSocial to be heard.

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Bye Feliciaaaaaaaa!

— Serena

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